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Video Interviews : 5 Tips For Success

Video Interviews : 5 Tips For Success

Although face to face interviews are still a preferred method used in a recruitment process, video interviews are becoming more and more popular – especially for remote hiring or international roles. 

We’ve put together 5 tips for a successful video interview, so you can feel best equipped on the etiquette and technicalities of them.

Tip #1: Make sure you have the specific video calling app installed

Downloading and installing an app or piece of software can take a long time, which you don’t want to do 10 minutes before your interview starts. Stay prepared by making sure this is all done the night before, that way you will save yourself time and unnecessary stress. If your computer isn’t compatible with a particular video calling app, inform the person interviewing you immediately so they can find an alternative.

Tip #2: Test your microphone audio and video 

It’s crucial that you follow this step as this can impair your ability to perform at the interview stage. Both your sound and camera quality should be working as they should be – with no static from your mic or finger smudges across the camera lens. Most apps will have the option to have a test run of your equipment, so check out the settings section. 

Tip #3: Dress professionally

Just because you’re not meeting your interviewer in person, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dress as if you were. Dressing appropriately shows that you’re serious about the meeting and have prepared adequately beforehand. 

Tip #4: Find the right position to sit in

A dark video that is either far too close up or too far away will send off the wrong message to your potential employer. Make sure that where you are sitting is well-lit, so the interviewer is able to see your facial expressions clearly.You should also check how your lighting set-up works with your background in case there are any glares that could be distracting. 

As well as the importance of lighting, sitting at the correct distance is also a good way to show that you have done your research as to what looks professional.

As writes, ‘during an in person interview, you wouldn’t sit on the opposite side of the room from the hiring manager. You also wouldn’t sit uncomfortably close to them.’

This can be applied to a virtual scenario too. During your audio and video test, make sure that your face, shoulders and upper chest are visible. also suggests keeping space between the top of your head and both sides of your body in the shot. 

Finally, consider your background. Make sure whatever is behind you is appropriate for the situation. If the call is taking place in your bedroom, don’t sit in front of a messy unmade bed or laundry. If it is taking place in your at-home office, be sure it is tidy and manageable – after all, you want to make a good first impression!

Tip #5: Conduct your interview in a quiet place 

You may not realise how easy it is for your computer microphone to pick up sound. Any background noise during the interview can act as a distraction for your interviewer, everyday household noises can also be potential interruptions.

Make sure to have your phone on silent and alert anyone that you’re living with that you’re about to begin an interview.

If things go wrong

Technology isn’t foolproof, and there may be an occasion where things don’t go to plan. Keep a note of these back-up plans in case the unfortunate happens.


  • If your audio or video suddenly stops working: 


Before the interview even takes place, ask the hiring manager for an alternative number you can contact them on in case technical problems arise. If the audio or video cuts out you can then reach them on the number they’ve provided. 


  • If you get interrupted by unwanted noise:


If unavoidable noises interrupt your interview, apologise to your interviewer and ask for a couple of seconds for the sounds to stop. You could even mute your mic if the noise is particularly loud.


  • If you get interrupted by someone walking into the room:


If someone you live with unexpectedly enters the room where you’re having the call, apologise to the interviewer, turn your camera and mic off for a moment and deal with the situation quickly.


You should end your video call by thanking the interviewer for their time and efforts to meet with you. We’d also suggest sending a follow-up email reaffirming your thanks later or the next morning, by doing this you can build the beginning of a string of messages (hopefully!) between you and your potential employer, giving you the means and opportunity to progress to the next stage – taking you one step closer to landing the role.

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Video Interviews : 5 Tips For Success
Video Interviews : 5 Tips For Success

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