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The Recruitment Landscape In Malta

The Recruitment Landscape In Malta

We made the decision to expand into the Maltese market in September 2020, and so far we’ve seen so many positives that highlight why Malta is Europe’s new hub for Tech in particular.


We had the opportunity to talk with someone who recently started to recruit in the Maltese market, who has already seen the benefits. 


Malta is known for its superiority in the gaming and technology sectors, with additional perks such as low taxation and English-speaking residents. After chatting with Sam Francis from Gold Group, it’s clear that the Maltese market will continue to expand as time goes on.


Malta is incredibly receptive to agencies


The Maltese market is rarely spoken about, yet during the height of the pandemic many recruiters had to diversify as the UK market had dried up. Sam chose to look at the Maltese market, as spending 9 years in contract recruitment he understood the importance of adapting and being agile in adversity. With Malta being part of the commonwealth and having strong ties with the UK, it seemed like the most viable option. 


It was clear from the get-go to Sam that clients in Malta were receptive, even more so than most UK companies. The majority of Maltese companies look more at the individual recruiter rather than the overall agency, which works in favour for recruiters who don’t work for household brands, thus giving them the opportunity to flourish overseas. 


Logistically, it isn’t as complicated as people think


There can be an element of worry due to the uncertainty of knowing how to operate in a new country, and for some locations – it can be difficult not having a comprehensive understanding of the culture and nuances, as well as grasping legal and compliance processes. 


In Malta, the main blocker is that permanent candidates have to live there – as opposed to being able to work remotely. However, there are other ways of ensuring that Maltese businesses can access and retain overseas talent – and this is through contracting. A great solution during a global pandemic, but also attractive options for digital nomads or others in the tech space who don’t want the physical constraints of an office.


Culturally, Sam highlighted that a key benefit is that nearly everybody in Malta speaks English, and the general approach is laid back – which seems worlds apart from the regimented processes that we can find in the UK. Access to Visa’s are painless, and with Malta being part of the EU as well as the commonwealth, bodes well for those who have fears around Brexit. 


According to Sam, one of the key benefits to operating in the Maltese market is the receptive nature of those at C-Suite, who are open to being consulted and have an open mind when working with agencies.


The market is shifting in a positive direction


Although Covid-19 has caused a lot of uncertainty and distress, it’s also given people no other option but to innovate. Sam highlighted that being exposed to the Maltese market has allowed him to see the magnitude of opportunities that Malta has – as the common misconception is that it’s just Tech and Digital. 


With impressive footprints in MSPs, Financial Services and startups, there’s a definite buzz around what this island can offer.


With CloudRPO already having a footprint in Malta, we’re incredibly excited to see how we can support the Maltese ecosystem as time progresses.

The Recruitment Landscape In Malta
The Recruitment Landscape In Malta

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