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Our partnership in Malta

Our partnership in Malta

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Nicholas Collinson to set up and launch CloudRPO to the Maltese market. This is a huge milestone for us as a business, and it’s the first in a series of steps as part of our international expansion plan. 

Originally from the UK, Nicholas has built and scaled multiple businesses, giving him an in-depth understanding of recruitment, as well as how to build relationships with those who are looking to scale. Now living in Malta, and no longer having ties to any UK business has given him the opportunity to engage in projects that he will find stimulating, as well as being able to add value from a business standpoint. 

We flew out to Malta to meet him and we were blown away not only by his expertise, but also his passion for our platform. It was a no-brainer for us, as his experience within technology and vehicle leasing coupled up with his strong networks in Malta, means that he can market CloudRPO effectively. 


Scott, COO, CloudRPO UK Ltd

As we now look to grow the business on an international scale, it’s about finding the right partners in each location to make that vision a reality – Nicholas represents that to a tee. I really am looking forward to working with Nicholas and the team to make our vision in Malta a reality.”

Nicholas, Director, CloudRPO Malta Ltd 

The recruitment marketplace in Malta is very active, and the arrival of the  CloudRPO system brings a new refreshing approach for employers to find the perfect candidate. I intend to draw on the key business principles of honesty, integrity and forward thinking that served me well in my previous businesses. For me, the CloudRPO system delivers cutting edge technology, along with these fundamentals of sound business practice. 

Business landscape in Malta

We’ve found that in the Technology world, a lot of businesses look at the typical geographies when looking to expand: Silicon Valley, Berlin and Stockholm are some of the biggest tech hubs in the world aside from London, but choosing Malta was a strategic move for us for many reasons. Given that our platform can service any industry that is recruiting, it gives us the opportunity to expand into any market that is hiring talent – regardless of vertical specialism, location or size. 

Malta’s economy has consistently been steady due to its strategic location, as it’s in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea which opens up easy access to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Based on recent studies, around 88% of Maltese people speak English, and with low corporate tax and developed Finance and Tech markets, these were some of the many reasons that we saw Malta as an amazing opportunity for CloudRPO. 

The gaming world is also exponential in Malta, with 12% of the Maltese economy comprising of online gaming. This market alone employs just short of 10,000 people across 300+ gaming companies, giving it an average value of €700 million! This will only continue to grow, and we envision that in the future Malta will be one of the key leaders in the online gaming world.

Finally, if we look at the recruitment agency landscape in Malta, it’s a lot smaller in comparison to other geographies. With less than 1,000 recruiters located in Malta based on LinkedIn statistics, there is still a vast growth opportunity for the recruitment market in Malta overall. 

This isn’t to say that we’d never consider the other aforementioned geographical hubs, but at CloudRPO we have no issues with going against the grain and exploring less conventional locations which still have a ton of opportunity.

The mission

Although Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world, it is in fact one of the most densely populated.  Our mission is to become embedded into many of Malta’s key growth markets, and become a tech platform that companies in Malta can rely on.

With us specifically being based in Malta we’re confident that our approach with Nick as well as having a platform that allows for international expansion are the perfect ingredients to enable us to make a footprint.

With Nick’s network, relationships and business acumen we’re looking to identify and partner with some of the biggest market leaders in Malta! We’re excited to continue to share this journey with you.

Want to learn more?

If you’re based in Malta, and want to understand how CloudRPO can improve your recruitment process, then reach out to us today.


Our partnership in Malta
Our partnership in Malta

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