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How the US election will shape the future of work

How the US election will shape the future of work

Having defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 election, Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States on January 20, 2021. The election was an intense – and divisive period of time that showed a very clear split between people’s views and values. 


Although the election is considered “over”, the dust has barely began to settle and this ripple effect hasn’t just been felt by the USA, but also by the rest of the world. Everybody was intrigued to see whether Trump would be elected out of office by Biden, and for a lot of Americans – the results were a sigh of relief after many years of pain and uncertainty. 


So, what does this mean for the US economy? In the midst of a pandemic, with high death tolls and unemployment figures rising – we wanted to unpack how we think the election results could shape the future of work from a recruitment perspective.


Diversity & Inclusion 


A quick search on LinkedIn for “Chief Diversity Officer” in the United States pulls up over 68,000 profiles, which in itself is positive – although it shouldn’t stop there. President elect Joe Biden – quoted by “The Drum” said that Donald Trump was “one of the most racist presidents” in modern history. With Biden actively speaking about Diversity & Inclusion, we hope to see a positive shift towards corporate diversity, and allowing businesses who truly champion this to thrive. 


It’s important to acknowledge that although this is a step in the right direction, it’s also important to safeguard those who are facing prejudice, and ensure that employees have a safe space to air their concerns. We have no doubt that the results have led to a degree of office politics – but overall we have to celebrate that this will undoubtedly allow the D&I space to thrive and grow in the USA whilst Biden is in office.


Recruitment and hiring processes


Although recruitment globally has slowed down, there will be a point in time where things will resume – so in the meantime we wanted to reflect and share our thoughts on what may happen now that the results have unfolded. 


The LA Times reported that Biden has an “ambitious campaign to rebuild the department’s ranks by recalling veteran offices who were driven away” from a public sector point of view. They also reported that there were approximately 1,500 foreign service and civil servant jobs that diminished under Trumps leadership, and Biden has ambitions to rebuild it from the ground up.


Corporate recruitment will undoubtedly be affected by this, as if the government is rebuilt – this allows for better decisions to be made, and hopefully, more structure and opportunities to be created. Biden’s also pledged on his own website to create “millions of good paying jobs” – so from a corporate perspective, the future looks positive. 


Of course, actions ultimately speak louder than words, so it’ll be interesting to see how the governmental restructure impacts corporate recruitment and hiring responsibilities. 


Company culture and internal politics


Tying into diversity and inclusion, company culture will continue to shift and change, particularly when Biden comes into office in the New Year. Companies should be prepared for dramatic shifts – especially if they have a workforce that are divided in terms of their political views. 


This in itself will be challenging, and it begs the question – will these companies sink or swim? We anticipate that external consultancies and coaches may need to help crumbling cultures, and businesses should be prepared to lose people and build teams based on cultural shifts and clashing perspective.


In conclusion


There are evidently a lot of positive changes that will come once Biden begins the work in 2021, however businesses should be prepared to see dramatic shifts, and should seriously consider how the election results are going to impact them in the long-term.

How the US election will shape the future of work
How the US election will shape the future of work

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