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Why do so many companies choose to base themselves in Malta?

Why do so many companies choose to base themselves in Malta?

30th October 2020

It’s becoming more apparent that companies are choosing to base themselves in Malta as opposed to the UK. But the […]

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Video Interviews : 5 Tips For Success

12th October 2020

Although face to face interviews are still a preferred method used in a recruitment process, video interviews are becoming more […]

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How a powerful job description will streamline your recruitment process

28th September 2020

Job descriptions are important in general, but even more important when you’re trying to streamline your recruitment process. Do you […]

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What is the average time to hire in the UK?

21st September 2020

Recruitment metrics are used to track hiring success. Time to hire is the time passed between engaging a candidate and […]

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Our partnership in Malta

14th September 2020

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Nicholas Collinson to set up and launch CloudRPO to the Maltese market. […]

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Is Diversity & Inclusion a part of your cultural strategy?

11th September 2020

We pride ourselves on being the only tech platform for the recruitment industry that allows diverse and inclusive hiring. We […]

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The value of a flexible resource pool

7th September 2020

As we move into a “new age” of working, many companies are looking to diversify their workforce and focus on […]

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Scaling a post Series C business: What does Talent Acquisition look like?

31st August 2020

We were incredibly fortunate to sit down with the Talent Acquisition Manager of a post Series C Drug Discovery business, […]

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The benefits and drawbacks of remote hiring

24th August 2020

We had the opportunity to speak with a Talent Acquisition specialist from one of the biggest Medical Device companies in […]

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How To Speed Up Your Internal Recruitment Process

17th August 2020

Hiring and retaining talent is one of the biggest challenges that businesses face. With younger generations consistently looking out for […]

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A Conversation With Our Founder

13th August 2020

So, Nick – what opportunities did you see in the market and how did that inspire CloudRPO? My background has […]

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