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Recruiters. Organised.

Providing seamless access to the best recruiter qualified talent.

What is CloudRPO?

CloudRPO is a revolutionary ecosystem, that organises all of your dealings with recruiters.

Our proprietary technology is human-free, completely transparent and enables you to simply search or request talent.

Reducing the time to hire, whilst giving you complete control over the cost and process.


How does it work?

Request Talent

Employer posts a job

Search Talent

Employer runs a search


Why use us?

Access recruiter qualified candidates more effectively
Boost diversity by accessing redacted profiles
Enable you to scale and hire at volume with the support of an RPO with none of the cost
Compliance guaranteed
Search for talent rather than wait for it to be submitted
The only global solution

Best of all, it’s COMPLETELY FREE for employers!

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  • Head of Hiring, Zava

    We won’t be doing any agency hiring without the CloudRPO platform in future.

    - Head of Hiring, Zava